Turkey: Household expenditures have the highest share in family budgets


In spite of statements Turkey has taken a big step towards becoming the 10th biggest economy in the world by 2023, reports show that Turks have to struggle to pay their rents More...

News Scan – April 7th: Turkey’s foreign debt surpasses 47 percent of national income


Turkey’s foreign debt surpasses 47 percent of national income The external debt stock of Turkey in 2013 has reached $388.2 billion, exceeding 47 percent of the national income More...

News Scan – April 5th: Erdoğan slams high court’s pro-freedom ruling on Twitter


Erdoğan slams high court’s pro-freedom ruling on Twitter Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who spoke to journalists on Friday morning at Atatürk International Airport More...


Twitter to launch “buy” button as e-commerce tool for users

It is reported that Twitter is about to launch a major new tool to enable users shop on-line. Twitter just announced that a new Buy button on the portal will enable users to buy More...

Turkey expresses commitment to contribute to US led coalition against ISIL

Finally Turkey has had to announce its commitment to join the operation to be carried out by the US led coalition against  Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). Turkey More...

Article Scan: Turkey moving from reluctant partner to embarrassed ally (by Cengiz Çandar)


Turkey moving from reluctant partner to embarrassed ally Turkey is gradually moving from a reluctant NATO ally toward an More...

Article Scan: Does the US trust Turkey? (by Cengiz ÇANDAR)


Does the US trust Turkey? The German newspaper Der Spiegel has discovered that Turkey, a NATO ally, was the target More...

ERDOGAN_UCAK Erdoğan’s defamation campaign against Turkish Bank Asya

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who has led a relentless defamation campaign against Bank Asya, Turkey’s largest...

HOSTAGES 46 Turkish nationals seized by Islamic State militants return home safe

After 100 days of captivity by ISIL militants , forty-six Turkish nationals were freed  on Saturday thanks...

ERDOGAN-KERRY Kerry puts pressure on Turkey for stronger cooperation against ISIL

Erdoğan received John Kerry (US Secretary of State) during his visit to the country’s capital Ankara...

Başçı: Turkey’s high inflation will start falling when high food prices stabilise


Central Bank of Turkey (CBOT) Governor Erdem Basci said, country’s high inflation would start falling More...

US Dollar yields highest profit in August

As announced by Turkish Statistical Institute, on Tuesday. US dollar has yielded the highest monthly real profit with the rates 1.40 percent and..

Seasonal industrial production rises by 1.8 percent in July

Seasonally and calendar adjusted industrial production increased by 1.8 percent in July, compared with the previous month, while calendar adjusted industrial..

Money Grows on Freight!


(Istanbul, Turkey) 30 May 2014 FreightArea.com is the leading on-line freight broker in the world. They have More...

Ucsan Plastik, a household goods manufacturer improves share in foreign markets

UCSAN PLASTİK Company which is among the prominent plastic goods producers in Turkey (as well as Europe) and exports 50 percent..

PINO CARAVAN.. Quality Caravan Manufacturers in Turkey

As camping was not the accommodation of choice among Turkish holidaymakers until a short while ago, facilities for this branch of..

Nemrut: Throne of Gods

The Nemrut is a mountain of the Taurus Range. From a height of 2,206 metres it dominates the entire landscape. From..

Hayal Cafe where one can find “Good Music” and food

In Istanbul you can find so many places to listen to live music.. The Hayal Cafe is one of those places..

Meze.. Traditional Turkish starters to accompany spirits

Turkey is a country where the great majority of the population belongs to Islam religion which normally prohibits consumption of alcohol...
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